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Thomas KiriakouThomas Kiriakou is a Certified Sports Conditioning Coach, Advanced Personal Training Specialist, Certified Hockey Training Coach, Sports Performance Nutrition Certified with Precision Nutrition and Founder of TK Sports Performance Training. Originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Thomas played five seasons in the OHL with the Ottawa 67’s. He went on to play for the CIS University of Guelph, as well as one season in the ECHL with the Las Vegas Wranglers.
While with the CIS Guelph Gryphons Thomas was selected to play for Team Canada at the prestigious 2011 Universiade Games (World University Games), in Turkey where the team won bronze. He also went on to participate in the Traverse City Prospects Tournament for the Minnesota Wild.

Through his association with NHL pros and leading strength and conditioning coaches, Thomas has learned what it takes to develop players with elite level athleticism.


“Some players just have extra in their stride, extra in their shot and extra in the tank when the third period rolls around… I wanted to be one of those players. When I trained properly in the off-season I had that extra jump I needed to elevate my game when it mattered most.”

“I want to pass that knowledge and experience on to players for whom average performance just isn’t good enough.”

Thomas believes the key to elite performance is proper training combined with supportive coaching and precise nutrition.
For younger players just starting out in their physical development, Thomas says it’s super important to make sure each individual gets the right training for their age and playing level.
Hockey is a unique sport in terms of the stresses it places on players. Players need strength, explosive power and speed whilst also challenging the muscles to keep coming back shift after shift.

“We take each player where they’re at and custom design a program that meets their specific needs. We’ve created an environment that inspires everyone here to be their best. That’s why you’ll find players of all levels, including seasoned NHL pros, working hard to advance their careers.”

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