The decision to have a baby opens up one of the most exciting chapters of your life – but sometimes also the most challenging.

If you are considering pregnancy, preparing your body nutritionally for conception is one of the most important things that can be done. Your health and nutritional habits prior to conceiving will have a lasting effect on both your health and that of your child’s. It will also directly affect your ability to conceive and maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy. Unfortunately many couples struggle with infertility, a heartbreaking and difficult reality to deal with. Working with a nutritionist can help get you and your body ready to welcome a healthy baby into the world. I will customize a nutrition plan that will not only provide your body with the highly nourishing foods it needs conceive, but also fits your lifestyle, current health goals and any special dietary needs. I will also arm you with the knowledge to avoid those foods that reduce fertility and harm your health as a whole. Together we will increase your ease of conception and give your baby the healthiest start possible.

A Pre-conception/Preparation Program includes:

  • A personal intake of your current health and nutritional status and complete health history.
  • Custom nutritional plan, starting with a complete detox protocol and followed by a nutritional program designed to improve fertility and egg/sperm health.
  • Personalized recommendations to properly balance your diet, including supplements/natural remedies to address current health concerns.
  • Comprehensive guide to pre-natal supplementation to ensure your optimal health as well as that of your eggs.
  • Complete profile of which foods are highly beneficial and which are to be avoided.
  • Custom fitness plan designed to improve overall health and support pregnancy.
  • Menstrual cycle tracking, through basal temperature charting.
  • Program option to work with your partner as well also available

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