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  • Black Bean Brownies
    Black Bean Brownies
    Looking for a way to sneak some extra fiber into your favorite chocolate treat? Well look no further than these black bean brownies.
  • Chia Tahini Pudding
    Chia and Tahini Pudding
    Ah, the might chia seed. Not only are chia seeds gluten free, but these tiny superfoods are an amazing source of protein (boasting all 8 essential amino acids!), omega-3 fats, calcium, and iron.
  • Fancy Cashew Truffles
    Fancy Cashew Truffles
    This truffle recipe, packed with yummy cashews, is perfect when you’re looking for a petite dessert that packs a protein punch. Plus, they’re also raw so you get even more health benefits such as increased energy and easy digestion. Delicious AND nutritious? Sign us up!
  • Raw Cheesecake
    Raw Cheesecake
    Raw cheesecake? You betcha! This is a fabulous dessert that is great for satisfying that sweet tooth without wrecking your body with tons of processed fat and sugar.
  • Raw Cherry Pie To-Go
    Raw Cherry Pie To-Go
    Pies are a classic dessert. But what if you had a pie that was not only good for you but could also go anywhere?
  • Sweet Potato Pie Pudding
    Sweet Potato Pie Pudding
    Looking for something that tastes like your favorite holiday dessert but offers up an abundance of vitamins and minerals instead of expanding your waistline?
  • Blueberry Pudding
    Very Berry Pudding
    This nutrient pudding dessert is not your childhood pudding cup! So blend up a batch, grab a spoon, and dig into a fresh and fruity treat that your body will love.
  • Almond Butter Jelly Smoothie
    Almond Butter & Jelly Smoothie
    As a throwback to your favorite childhood snack (a PB & grape jelly sandwich) this smoothie includes both almond butter and fresh grapes for an awesome flavour punch.