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Do you dream of improving lives? Of making a real difference and driving positive change? AND of building a thriving business while doing it? Then listen up – because Nutri-School is for you. This innovative nutrition training program is designed to help you take your wellness career to the next level in only 4 weeks, empowering you to…


  • Help people transform their health, bodies and lives forever.
  • Become a leading nutritionist or an expert on the subject of nutrition and nutrition coaching.
  • Create impactful, reputation and career-building client success stories.
  • Help clients heal and achieve lasting results through food and custom meal plans.
  • Become an expert at building fitness programs for all fitness levels.
  • Grow your client base (and your earning potential!) by becoming the most effective practitioner possible.


Adele Cavaliere, RHN, CCP, EPTS

I’m Adele Cavaliere, a globally recognized leader in the world of nutrition, fitness, business and transformation.

As a published author, founder of a revolutionary educational program, celebrity nutritionist, leading elite fitness trainer and life coach, I have had the honor of being part of thousands of people’s amazing journeys to optimal health and happiness while building an amazing career that never stops rewarding me every day. I have built a thriving business, with my boot camp and MetaBody Fitness and Yoga Pass lists swelling to over 120,000 members internationally. I have taught at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and have had my success stories featured in some of the top health and fitness publications in North America, including:
Cosmopolitan, In-Touch, Fitness RX, Shape, and Oxygen.

I have partnered with some of the most prestigious gym facilities such as Equinox in South Beach and NYC as well as with Pro Athletes and well-known celebrities.

I have also designed a custom detox program for the leading sports nutrition brand, MuscleTech; as well as a series of custom menu plans that have been featured on the boxes of Iovate supplement boxes across North America.

All of this is proof that when you combine superior fitness training with a powerhouse of nutritional knowledge and effective coaching skills and a real passion for what you do, you have the perfect recipe for success. Plus – I have been able to build a beautiful life and home for my family while doing something I love – something I am grateful for each day!
But all this success wasn’t without some hard work and a few mistakes. I have learned a lot since starting my career, and I want to give you the competitive edge I never had by sharing all my best secrets of success with you!

Want to know the secret to creating powerful before and afters that will reach the pages of national magazines?

What about how to create high-profile relationships and partnerships with top professional athletes and industry celebrities?

Or creating a superior reputation through powerful client relationships (after all, referrals are everything!)?

Nutri-School can give you all of these answers and so much more.


If you’re willing to step up and step out in a big way, then you won’t find a better program to help you do just that. This program is for everyone who wants to expand their nutritional base and help inspire others. After completing this comprehensive program, you will have the information you need to confidently work with clients, make a great living, and most of all make a difference.

My experience is based on 10+ years of actually doing the work with thousands of clients, of actually teaching and educating – so I know what REALLY works with clients and what doesn’t. And now, I am sharing that with YOU!

Learn more, download my Nutri-School course guide today

This program is designed with you in mind. You will get an intensive learning experience while being armed with the practical, need-to-know skills every nutritionist should have, such as:

  • Learn the science of nutrition
    Cellular biology, digestion, metabolism, macronutrients, and more – all covered in depth
  • All the latest diets uncovered
    Paleo, Atkins, Zone, Bernstein, etc., we debunk them all and show you what really works!
  • Developing effective personal menu plans and programs for any client
    I’ll teach you how to create detailed weekly plans and the perfect delivery checklist catered to the specific needs of every client type.
  • How to master a food diary
    Having clients log their food is essential. You will learn how to help clients create a diary, and I will teach you how to decipher it!
  • Keeping your clients accountable
    I’ll show you the strategies that I use with my clients to motivate and drive them towards positive change. Their success is your success!
  • Incorporating supplements into your meal plans
    Discover the effective supplements that you should be recommending to your clients and which you should be staying away from.
  • Incorporating fitness into your programs
    I’ll show you how to integrate a customized fitness program and tailor it to the specific needs and goals of your clients.
  • Detox programs done right
    Detox is a buzz word, but I’ll give you access to truly effective detox and cleansing programs and recipes that will offer real results for clients.
  • Where to start?
    Renting office space, working from home, or joining a clinic – which is right for you? I will guide you through the process of starting your practice and answer the most important and frequently asked questions.
  • Building a client base
    From the first phone call to obtaining the business, I’ll show you how to effectively attract clients and secure the business
  • Create a following
    I’ll teach you how to be social media saavy while building your brand and creating an army of loyal followers.
  • Referrals, referrals, referrals
    I will teach you how to leverage positive existing relationships to create new ones.
  • Creating powerful before and afters
    These are what your reputation is built on. I will teach you the secret of creating before and afters so compelling they could reach the pages of national magazines!
  • Networking
    I’ll share my secrets for creating powerful relationships with industry celebrities and high-profile partners.
  • Client troubleshooting
    I’ll teach you how to deal with difficult clients and situations so you always come away with a positive outcome.
  • Become a leader
    It’s a competitive industry. I’ll show you how to effectively differentiate yourself from your competition and become an industry trendsetter!
  • Mind, body, and spirit
    Emotional and physical wellbeing are inextricably linked. I’ll show you how to become exponentially more effective as a coach by implementing simple life coaching exercises.
  • Going above and beyond
    I’ll teach you the art of creating deep and lasting relationships for a long and profitable career.

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