My Book is your guide to achieving this and more. In just 21 days, this book will not only revolutionize your relationship with food and eating forever, but also your relationship with yourself and the world.

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21 Days To Detoxify Your Life


Guiding you through small daily changes, this program makes achieving your weight-loss and wellness goals simple with big and lasting results. Filled with daily to-dos, meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks – you’ll be fully guided step-by-step and day-by-day throughout the entire program.

Together we will reset your palate and banish cravings; rebalance your body and reclaim your health, and regain your youthful vigour so you can live the energetic, strong and happy life you dream of.

So what does the program include?

  • Complete 21-day cleansing meal plan and shopping list
  • Over 70 delicious, easy-to-prepare cleansing recipes
  • A fun and diverse fitness plan for FAST weight-loss
  • A complete substitution guide for special dietary needs (including the best natural sugar replacements!)
  • My top tips for a “social” cleanse and cleansing on a budget
  • A complete guide to the best detox herbs and herbal teas
  • A complete guide to the “superfoods” that will help you rebalance your body and slim down for good
  • A path to spiritual and personal well-being through positive affirmations, mediation, and a more positive relationship with yourself

Plus, enjoy recipes for tons of deliciously clean eats that give your body (and your taste buds) some real lovin’, including: Sweet Cherry Almond Oatmeal “Get Glowing” Skin Renewing Juice Nut Butter Energy Balls “Baby got Brains” Maple Glazed Walnut Crusted Salmon Super Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

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My passion is not only living the most vibrant and joyful life possible myself, but to also help others do the same. After all, isn’t that what we all deserve?
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